Technique Management

  • Typical film/screen situation chart
  • 2 typical digital imaging charts
  • Dose reduction chart for digital imaging       
  • Instructions for customizing 
  • Reproducible pocket sized chart               
  • mA X S = mAS table
"Using this technique system is like get a good image and control the dose at the same time!" Megan, NE

Individual charts for specific situations: 

  • High-frequency with film/screen
  • High-frequency with digital
  • Dose reduction with digital imaging
  • Single-phase with film/screen
  • Single-phase with digital

Radiographic Room Handbook and Charts

This handbook gives you basic tools to organize and operate a radiographic room. It will help you get organized, create a safe environment, set up protocols for each exam, and apply simple criteria for evaluating images. Are you writing a policy or procedures manual? This handbook will help.

In addition, it contains the same content (4 typical charts) as the Technique Management product.