Radiographic Operations Consulting (ROC) has been providing services for those doing general radiographic procedures since 1993. This includes radiation safety and quality management services, approved continuing education courses, and training resources for those operating x-ray equipment in a limited capacity. Some of our products were formerly available at radedbyroc and limitedxraystudent. In addition to what you see below, we provide continuing education for Limited Operators in selected states at

Limited Radiography Course

After more than 30 years involvement with fully accredited radiography programs, our instructor Connie Lyon, RT(R)(QM), became convinced of the need to provide good training resources to those operating x-ray equipment in a limited capacity.

Our typical student is already licensed and/or experienced in some other allied health area and is seeking a second license at the request of his/her employer.

This is a home study course and we partner with facilities that provide a qualified supervisor for the student taking our course.

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Test Prep System for the Limited Operator Student

The Limited X-ray Test Prep System is part of the materials provided in the Limited Radiography Course. But students who have not taken our course can purchase this System separately as they prepare to take their state's certifying exam.

We also offer a Review Manual that contains worksheets, study aids, and self-tests from the Limited Radiography Course.

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Technique Charts and Resources for General Radiography

Technique charts provide techniques for chest, extremities, joints, spines, ribs, skull, sinus, facial bones, and children. Charts for common film/screen and digital imaging are included with instructions on how to customize for your environment. These can be purchased separately or as a part of:

Technique Management - technique tips, customization instructions, and 4 typical charts.


Radiographic Room Handbook and Charts - also includes 4 typical charts and a collection of information helpful to anyone setting up a radiographic room - things like room design tips, policy and procedure ideas, how to comply with safety requirements, and tips on evaluating radiographic images.