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Limited X-Ray Operator Course

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Limited Operator Course

Clinics and networks, train your students in-house. Students, prepare on your own schedule to take the ARRT state test.

Built for medical and chiropractic offices, clinics, and smaller/rural hospitals, Control the Dose has been providing education and training materials to limited x-ray operators for 25 years.

Limited Radiography Educators

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To date, in utilizing Control the Dose, members of our team in Illinois have passed the ARRT Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography Exam, successfully becoming certified as Limited License X-ray Techs. Given the success in Illinois, we have rolled this program out in Florida and plan to roll it out in additional states soon. If your company is turning toward limited x-ray licensure, Control the Dose is highly recommended as an educational program for your team!

Chris NugentMBA, CRA, RT(R)(CT) Director of Radiology PM Pediatric Care

I PASSED MY TEST!!!! I seriously owe it to you two for helping me along this journey! If it weren't for you guys pushing me to continue, I think I would have given up.
I am so proud that I passed! I will definitely reach out if I need any guidance while on the job! You are absolutely amazing!!

Morgan HollidayStudent

I PASSED! Thank you so much for the course, it was great. I felt the course really prepared me for the exam! Thanks again!

Kelsey HendrixStudent

“I wanted to give you an update on how I did after using your test prep system. I took my Limited Scope Exam and passed with a 92%. I definitely would encourage other students to use this system! I would encourage you to use this as a study guide and not just to remember the questions. Know the material, use this test prep system, and anyone will do great.

Nathan from WashingtonStudent

I did pass. Thanks for providing great information in the course. The mock exam and access to course tests helped me prepare.

Crystal EarixsonStudent

“Our Medical Assisting Program celebrated a 100% first time pass rate using the Control the Dose Limited Radiography Course and Test Prep System in combination with onsite labs and offsite practicum rotations.”

TracyLRT Program Director

“The Limited Radiography Course offered by Control the Dose is an excellent course of study for those wishing to become familiar with basic diagnostic x-ray procedures. I found that the course syllabus was well organized and contained very useful and informative exercises. The mix of practical exercises, textbook readings, and clinical assignments was well balanced and reinforced the objectives.

William from IllinoisStudent

“I just wanted to let you know that I thought the course was very well organized with all the goals for each lesson explained clearly. I thought the material was right on for what I needed to know to pass the tests. You were very available for help and gave clear answers. I thought the labs and homework were invaluable for gaining skills. The videos of positioning really helped too. The Test Prep System for the exam was great. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone wanting to pass the Limited Scope exam!!! Thank you again for all your help. I truly believe I passed the exams because I took your course! ”

Julia from ColoradoStudent

“I passed! I got a 94%. I owe it all to you guys! Your material was right on! Thank you so much!”

Deanna from ColoradoStudent

Just wanted to let you know I passed first try! Thank you!

Ashley AglerStudent


Train your staff to take X-rays!

Comprehensive Limited Operator Course

Sample Lecture:

Online Limited Radiology certification course and prep
  • Self-Paced & Online
  • Students complete presentations, videos, downloadable items, quizzes and self tests and progress is recorded
  • Instructor support available via email, phone or zoom
  • Requires a local supervisor and x-ray facility to complete hands-on requirements. Supervisor qualifications may vary, but an ideal supervisor is an RT(R)*
    Average time of completion is 16-24 weeks**
  • Receive Certificate of Completion upon completion of online portion and supervisor validation of clinical experience.
*Course instructors are all licensed RT’s and available to assist with the course if needed.
**Course length varies and depends on the student’s state as well as availability to learn material AND complete hands-on procedures.

Manage your students

Train your existing staff to take x-rays in a limited capacity.

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View grades and course progress to keep your students on track as you supervise their lab assignments on site.